Commercial Truck Locks

The TRUK-LOK I® is our original design in our truck lock series. It is an automatic locking device for rear and side doors to protect against break-ins. This lock is automatic! Once the door is closed by the driver it is locked and you know your cargo is secure at all times. 1. Mounting hardware… [Learn More]

TRUK-LOK II® is an AUTOMATIC lock for roll-up doors only. Once the door is closed, it’s locked! For extra security, its catch-plate can be welded into the body of the truck. The lock is permanently mounted to the inside of the door to protect it from vandalism and the environment (i.e. extreme weather). Includes: (all… [Learn More]

TRUK-LOK III® is BABACO’s® unique, patented, and highest security solution for roll-up door applications. The Truk-Loc III® replaces the factory-installed J-Hook. Includes: 1) Mounting Hardware 2) Main Lock Chassis 3) 2 Keys 4) Install Guide 5) Babaco® TRUK-LOK III® Sticker 6) Carriage Bolts 7) Optional Catch Plate upon Request Installation available - Call BABACO to… [Learn More]

The TRUK-LOK IV - BULLET-LOK® provides specialized protection against truck break-ins. It is the perfect solution for trucks or trailers with swing-out, barn or hinged doors. Do not rely on a vulnerable hinged-door lock handle with an easily shimmed padlock anymore! The TRUK-LOK IV - BULLET-LOK® comes in two versions: Manual or Automatic. In the… [Learn More]

The TRUK-LOK V® is one of our newest products in our truck lock series. It is one of BABACO’s® high security solutions for container type door/bar applications. Includes: 1) Main Lock Chassis 2) 2 Keys 3) Babaco® TRUK-LOK Sticker 4) Installation Instructions 5) Mounting Hardware [Learn More]

This product was designed with you in mind! This unique seal is designed to automatically lock while generating a random four-digit code every time the door closes. Our TRUK-LOK III® is highly demanded, integrated with our Digital Cargo Seal® our customers are ensured they have ULTIMATE transportation security. Proving the integrity of the load, the… [Learn More]

This innovative integration is new to Babaco. This locking solution provides the ultimate in transportation security for swing- out door configurations. This unique seal is designed to automatically lock while generating a random four-digit code every time the door closes. Proving the integrity of the load, the seal cannot be tampered with, anticipated, or altered in… [Learn More]

The Bulkhead LOK is unique high security solution specifically engineered for vehicles that have a Sliding Door to the cargo area from the cab such that of step van delivery vehicle. The lock automatically locks and secures the cargo area every time the door is closed. The Bulkhead LOK is made of high strength casting… [Learn More]

BOLT PROTECTOR® is one of the newest patented solutions added to the BABACO® line of products! The BOLT PROTECTOR® slides onto any swing-out door handle and can be easily installed. Once the door is closed the critical bolt that attaches the handle to the door rod is totally protected and the door rod bolt can… [Learn More]

Electronic Key and Locking Systems is a pure electronic master key system providing Controlled Access, Accountability, Physical Security and effective System Management. More than just a way to protect your property, equipment and assets, it is also a business tool that can lead to a substantial return on investment. [Learn More]