Bulkhead LOK

The Bulkhead LOK is unique high security solution specifically engineered for vehicles that have a Sliding Door to the cargo area from the cab such that of step van delivery vehicle. The lock automatically locks and secures the cargo area every time the door is closed. The Bulkhead LOK is made of high strength casting securely installed inside the cargo compartment to protect against unauthorized access. The high security restricted keyway cylinder is designed so that it can be keyed in any combination to fit your needs with unique codes, keys of the same code or even a master key.

To operate the Bulkhead Door insert the high security key into the lock once turned the door will release and allow the driver to access the cargo area. To secure the cargo area, simply close the Bulkhead Door and the lock will automatically engage to secure the cargo area. In the event that you are in the cargo area and the door closes there is a quick release button that allows the lock to opened from inside the cargo area.

Benefits & Features

  • Automatic locking when door is closed
  • Hardened Steel Core Lock

o Babaco’s One Key System

o Integrates a high security cylinder with Babaco’s restricted key eliminating ability for driver to duplicate key

o Hardened Steel Core Lock

o Self-Locking Mechanism

o Quick release from inside cargo area

o Able to withstand sever shock and weather

o Fully capable of being integrated to Babaco’s Alarm System