The Babaco Company

Founded in 1930, BABACO® quickly became well-known and sought out by many established industries looking to protect! 87 years later, we are proud to say we are the leading company in providing full transportation security for the pharmaceutical, liquor, retail, food, and data storage/information destruction companies, to name a few. BABACO® offers an impressive product-line including automatic lock security, proprietary alarm systems, full-line GPS tracking devices, customizable Apps and smart I/O devices designed to further protect and eliminate loss. All products are designed, manufactured, and installed by BABACO® allowing us to provide you with the proven ability to secure and monitor every movement your vehicle makes. 

With over a dozen patents, and many more pending, BABACO® is uniquely qualified to create and integrate a viable solution to fit the needs of your industry. Committed to building strong and lasting relationships with our customers, we provide free evaluations to discuss your security needs. We will then work directly with you to produce and develop a comprehensive package catered to those specific needs. Extending across North America our now famous black and yellow BABACO® sticker has become a clear symbol of vehicle security and sends the message to would be thieves to move to the next vehicle.

Our customers, ranging from small local businesses to international fleets, safely moves billions of dollars of cargo every year. It is BABACO®’s mission to stay twenty steps ahead of the competition and light years ahead of the thieves. Taking pride in our reputation for cargo protection, we set out to prove our slogan to the world every day:

“The most trusted name in cargo security!”™



BABACO® demonstrates a daily commitment to security and quality.


BABACO® has witnessed tremendous changes in both cargo and theft techniques, in addition to cargo compliance requirements or government regulated standards, yet we continue to stay committed to each challenge by designing and installing durable and sophisticated security systems. We also maintain and repair security alarm systems, anti-intrusion alarms for protection of cargo in trucks, trailers, vans, tractors and automobiles and commercial buildings.


BABACO®’s commitment to quality is apparent to employees, customers, and affiliates. We ensure quality customer service, products, and service every day.

Since 1930

Jack Seide and Izador Adis established our company in 1930. Izador invented the first alarm in his basement. Jack Seide, having a natural ability in sales and marketing, realized a great business potential and thus BABACO – Brooklyn Automobile Burglar Alarm Company was born.

Word Spread

The invention proved so successful, that word quickly spread among the other industries. They wanted their cars similarly wired. Demand became so great that Jack hired a mechanic to handle these jobs. Eventually, the orders became so intense that Jack had given up other work and established Brooklyn Automobile Burglar Alarm Company, which was eventually shortened to BABACO.

Protecting Tobacco and other Cargo

At the time of BABACO, the railways handled the majority of the tobacco moving out of the south. Trucks were considered to be too great a risk for theft to handle this valuable commodity. Jack established an agency in Winston-Salem to provide BABACO protection for motor carriers. Within a few years, long hauling by truckers of tobacco products was increased 100%. This success spurred the interest of liquor, fur, clothing, and appliance truckers.

Branching out to New Clients

Having reached this level of success, BABACO could foresee the use of alarm protection on all jewelry salesmen’s cars, as well as on trucks. Jack packed a demonstrator model in his car and for three days he journeyed through a blizzard to Chicago. His perilous trip was rewarded, as the Insurance Underwriters Laboratories approved the system and gave him a listing.

Securing the Atom Bomb

Between 1942 and 1943 the US Army approached BABACO to protect some of their vehicles. In particular, BABACO installed alarms on trucks that transported atomic bomb research materials during World War II.

Throughout US and Canada

Today BABACO, Inc. has representatives in over 200 cities throughout the US and Canada. We are proving our slogan to the world: “The most trusted name in cargo security!”