Electronic Key and Locking Systems

Electronic Key and Locking Systems is a pure electronic master key system providing Controlled Access, Accountability, Physical Security and effective System Management. More than just a way to protect your property, equipment and assets, it is also a business tool that can lead to a substantial return on investment.

Cylinder Features

• No wiring required — all power provided by the key

• Indoor/Outdoor use — stainless-steel shell construction

• 2,000 audit events

• Unauthorized key list

• Variety of cylinder formats

• Integrated with any Babaco lock


Key Features

• Small, robust electronic key with stainless-steel housing

• All programming done at the key

• Key holds operating and expiration schedule

• Control Key is used for SFIC core removal

• Rechargeable battery, up to 1,500 openings per charge

• Access: 5,000 cylinders maximum

• Audit: 5,000 events maximum

• Stand-alone, network, and WEB programming options

This lock is commonly known as the Slam Lock.