TRUK-LOK I for Roll Up and Swingout Doors (Autolocking)

The TRUK-LOK I® is our original design in our truck lock series. It is an automatic locking device for rear and side doors to protect against break-ins. This lock is automatic! Once the door is closed by the driver it is locked and you know your cargo is secure at all times.

1. Mounting hardware
2. Main Lock Chassis
3. 2 Keys
4. Catch Plate
5. Install Guide
6. Babaco® TRUK-LOK I® Sticker

Installation available – Call Babaco® to locate a certified Babaco®installer.

Some of the Benefits & Features of the TRUK-LOK I®

  • Automatically locks. When the driver is finished loading or unloading and closes the door, the truck is automatically locked. This automatic feature ensures your truck and cargo are always secure.
  • Available for side and rear doors, roll-up, double barn or single swing-out.
  • Made of a tough, durable, high tensile cast material, tested to withstand severe shock and stress.
  • Uses a high security, restricted keyway. The key code can be made to fit your needs; master keyed on demand.
  • Installed permanently inside the vehicle and does not use any cargo space. Easy to install, without welding.
  • Lock is mounted on the inside of the vehicle to protect it from vandalism as well as from the environment (i.e. extreme weather)
  • Available for a variety of truck bodies including dry, insulated, or refrigerated.
  • Can be combined with BABACO’s® One Key System: Full integration with the alarm system.

TRUK-LOK I® Unique Features

  • TRUK-LOK I® – Makes every padlock obsolete
  • TRUK-LOK I® – Cannot be LOST
  • TRUK-LOK I® – Cannot be CUT
  • TRUK-LOK I® – Cannot be STOLEN
  • TRUK-LOK I® – Cannot be FORGOTTEN
  • TRUK-LOK I® – is installed without welding
  • TRUK-LOK I® – can be keyed alike to operate with any Babaco® product