TRUK-LOK V for Swingout/Container Type Doors

The TRUK-LOK V® is one of our newest products in our truck lock series. It is one of BABACO’s® high security solutions for container type door/bar applications.


1) Main Lock Chassis
2) 2 Keys
3) Babaco® TRUK-LOK Sticker
4) Installation Instructions
5) Mounting Hardware

Some of the Benefits & Features of the TRUK-LOK V®

  • Made of tough, durable steel, tested to withstand severe shock and weather.
  • Replaces any padlock that is easily defeated.
  • Available for multiple door types, right or left hand hinge.
  • Uses a high security, restricted keyway. No one can duplicate the key except BABACO®.
  • Lock cannot be shimmed or bumped.
  • Can be installed or retrofitted to any vehicle in minutes.

TRUK-LOK V® Unique Features

  • TRUK-LOK V® – Makes every padlock obsolete
  • TRUK-LOK V® – Cannot be LOST
  • TRUK-LOK V® – Cannot be CUT
  • TRUK-LOK V® – Cannot be STOLEN
  • TRUK-LOK V® – Cannot be FORGOTTEN
  • TRUK-LOK V® – Is installed without welding