This innovative integration is new to Babaco. This locking solution provides the ultimate in transportation security for swing- out door configurations. This unique seal is designed to automatically lock while generating a random four-digit code every time the door closes. Proving the integrity of the load, the seal cannot be tampered with, anticipated, or altered in any way. This lock is intended to replace plastic flimsy seals and padlocks!


Benefits & Features of TRUK-LOK V® integrated with Digital Cargo Seal®:

•Generates new random four-digit code every time door closes.

•Reads “OPEN” when door is not locked properly.

•Tested to withstand severe shock and weather.

•Tamper Proof.

•100% Weather Proof.

•Easy to use.

•Eliminates the need for a padlock and seal.

•Cannot be lost, cut, or stolen, or broken.

•Permanently installed on vehicle.

•Integrates a high security Babaco® restricted keyway

  eliminating the ability for drivers to duplicate keys.

•Optional electronic key and cylinders.

Benefits & Features of the TRUK-LOK V®

  • Made of tough, durable steel, tested to withstand severe shock and weather.
  • Replaces any padlock that is easily defeated.
  • Available for multiple door types, right or left hand hinge.
  • Uses a high security, restricted keyway. No one can duplicate the key except BABACO®.
  • Lock cannot be shimmed or bumped.
  • Can be installed or retrofitted to any vehicle in minutes.


Main Lock Chassis
2 Keys
Babaco® TRUK-LOK Sticker
Installation Instructions
Mounting Hardware


Benefits & Features of the Digital Cargo Seal®

  • Anodized Zinc Aluminum Enclosure
  • 2 Year Battery Life
  • Runs on Standard AA Batteries
  • 100% Weather Proof
  • Multi Door Monitoring
  • Tamper Proof
  • Full One Year Warranty


Digital Seal
Mounting Hardware
Installation Guide