King Pin Lock

King Pin lock® is a unique product designed to provide maximum protection for unattended trailers. This heavy-duty lock is visible from a distance ensuring the vehicle is secure.


Benefits & Features of the King Pin®

  • Permanently installed.
  • Eliminates operator from having to go under trailer to secure the King Pin.
  • Operator does not get dirty.
  • Clear visual inspection of lock and unlocked positions.
  • Higher operator compliance.
  • Cannot be lost.
  • Keys can be unique per truck or keyed the same.
  • Master keys available.
  • Integrates a high security Babaco restricted keyway eliminating the ability for drivers to duplicate keys.

How it works:

Stored Position: Lock is standing upright against the trailer.

Parked Activated & Locked Position: Lock is underneath the trailer.

This lock is commonly known as the Slam Lock.