BabacoGPS Fleet Tracking

Babaco’s GPS Fleet Tracking system combines a totally covert GPS tracking device that is tamper proof, extremely accurate and consistently dependable with web based software that is simple to use and feature rich with satellite imagery, real-time traffic, panoramic street level views, real-time alerts, a wealth of management reports and support for terminals, corporate data feeds and the ability to export data to customers in batch or in real-time.

This product requires a signed agreement and has a monthly service fee. Please click on the link below to view the available rate plans. as well as, the terms and conditions.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Accurate Mileage Reporting +/- 1%
  • Accurate Location Reporting (no trucks in the ocean)
  • NO Lost Data or Daily Backlogs
  • Idle and Stop Times Reported Accurately
  • Guaranteed Delivery of Data in Both Directions
  • Full Data Exchange with In-house Legacy Systems

Babaco performs the majority of its operations at the device level.
Why is this important?

Because the server gets to little information to late to make intelligent decisions.


  • Calculate mileage every second
  • Check geo-fences every second
  • Initiate stop and idle counters the second we detect that movement has ceased
  • Eliminate bad GPS readings by comparing them to history on the device
  • Eliminate GPS drift by having the device detect movement using special algorithms that can differentiate between bouncing GPS signals and actual vehicle movement.
  • Do not remove data from the device until it is confirmed in the database.

This is a mission critical system based on 25 years of developing wireless data applications for the largest companies in the country.


BabacoGPS developed the SmartIcon system to improve performance and to give customers critical information at a glance and access to key system features in a single keystroke.

  • Supports full feature set of Google Maps API
  • Split screen view displays map and data simultaneously
  • Both the map and the data auto update
  • Smart Icons display vehicle status, vehicle direction and Stops times
  • Smart Icons let you zoom, get street level views and create locations with a single click


BabacoGPS comes standard with a suite of reports based on extremely timely and accurate GPS data. Specialized reports are available to meet industry specifications and custom reports are available upon request.

  • Fleet Status or Vehicle Activity
  • Sensor Events
  • Excess Idling
  • Speeding
  • Mileage by State
  • Maintenance
  • Begin Day/End Day
  • Location Entry and Exit
  • Start/Stop (see picture)
  • Pickup Drop Off
  • Engine hours
  • and More

Reports can be:

  • Based on fleets or individual vehicles
  • Based on single day or multiple days
  • Filtered to easily produce custom reports
  • Configured to span days for night shift operations
  • Printed, exported to Excel and turned into PDF’s
  • Sorted by column in any order
  • Emailed on a schedule
  • Data can be cut and pasted
  • All data is loaded and scrollable (no paging)


  • Three levels of data security (Admin, Manager, User)
  • Access can be restricted by fleet and or by function
  • Vehicles can be viewed by multiple companies creating virtual fleets
  • User based startup settings
  • Real-time email alerts

Other Features:

  • Vehicle Maintenance system based on miles, time and engine hours
  • Geo-fencing based on Radius or Polygon
  • Robust Alert Engine
  • Two-way Messaging
  • Real-time Dispatch and Job Scheduling
  • Driver Management
  • Data Exchange services via XML, FTP in Real-time or in batch
  • Custom Development
  • Vehicle Idle Management
  • Remote Temperature Monitoring (Dual Zone C or F)