Tractor Alarm

BABACO®‘s Tractor Alarm is always on the job. Its patented and unique design forces the driver to follow specific steps, ensuring your vehicle and cargo area secure whether idling or being driven. We have thought of every possible way to protect your vehicles. The system can be modified to fit your specific needs.

A BABACO® Tractor Alarm is always armed and ready to protect. BABACO® alarm systems differ drastically from store bought car alarms.

1) Cab, hood, cargo, parts and tool areas are protected
2) Alarm has an independent battery source located in a tamper proof enclosure
3) Alarm can be integrated with BABACO® GPS to provide real-time alarm notifications that can be sent to any email and also directly to your cell phone
4) Motion sensitivity management eliminates the false alerts that plague most car alarms

Please select these options as appropriate.
This price includes installation at one of BABACO®‘s authorized facilities. On-site work may require a road fee or travel expenses depending on the vehicles location and or the number of vehicles to be installed.
Please call to locate an installer near you or to arrange for on-site installation.

BABACO® Alarms: Designed for Tractors

When the driver arrives at a pick-up or a delivery location, the alarm process forces the driver to shut off the vehicle and remove all keys from the cab. These keys must be then taken to the rear of the vehicle in order to operate the door and alarm that protects the cargo area. (The same key is used for the BABACO® door lock if equipped).

Your vehicles run a great risk of being stolen when left idling, which is why we have taken precautionary measures to force the driver to remove all keys from the vehicle when at a pick-up or delivery location. Additionally, eliminating idling time during a delivery/pick-up will in turn save your company money on costly fuel charges not to mention that idling is unlawful in many cities and states.

Included with this alarm are the following:

  • 1 Steel Alarm Enclosure with tamper protection
  • 1 Independent Battery Supply
  • 1 Control Module
  • 1 Cargo Compartment Control Switch
  • 1 High Output Audible Siren
  • 1 BABACO® Ignition Kill Module
  • 1 Motion Detection with Anti-Tow Protection

Additional Features and Benefits

  • The alarm operates off its own power supply
  • Programmable features to fit customer needs and vehicle body types
  • The alarm control module is securely protected in a steal enclosure inside the Tractor body (as opposed to under the dashboard which is easily accessible and defeated)
  • The alarm system has tamper protection to determine if the alarm is being accessed or modified in an unauthorized manner or if anyone tries to bypass the ignition.
  • The alarm has protection to determine if the vehicle is being accessed or used in an unauthorized manner.
  • The system also has sensors to detect if the vehicle is being towed.
  • There is a BABACO® ignition installed to help prevent the vehicle from being stolen. The BABACO® Ignition Kill/Starter Interrupt and stops the vehicle from starting
  • All components are manufactured and designed especially to operate and withstand the harshest environments.
  • It is impossible to shim or bump our locks.
  • One Key Operation: Use the same key to operate your alarm system and door locks. The driver needs only one key for the system; whether it includes alarms, locks, ignition kill, and/or sensors.
  • On board Self Diagnostics

Optional Features

  • RF Keyless Operation GPS Integration (Real Time Monitoring, Remote Alarm Notification, GPS with location)
  • Cab Alarm

Accept No Substitutes

Others claim to have products that are equivalent to ours, however many of these products have been designed specifically for car and home installations. Babaco manufactures its security products specifically for commercial vehicles. There is no substitute to our patented system which is exclusively designed for Vans and cargo vehicles and not available off the retail shelf. It is impossible to duplicate our keys anywhere but BABACO®.