Air Brake Lock for Tractor

The Air Brake Lock is a permanently mounted lock that prevents theft of the vehicle when unattended. The device cannot be removed by a thief without disabling the truck or tractor. Protect your high-value tractor/trailer equipment investment. The only viable locking systems are resident to the rig and do not need driver assisted assembly or training to use. The Air Brake Lock is a prime example of simplicity, seamless operation, and high security.

Some of the Benefits & Features of the Air Brake Lock

Exceptional Protection against unattended truck theft.

Works in any vehicle with an air brake valve

Seamlessly disables the air brake release valve stem

Air Brake lock is always on, no need to assemble it for each use

Permanently mounts and can be removed when you trade vehicles

Installs in minutes and lasts forever with no moving parts

Easy to use and driver friendly

All mechanical design, non-electronic

Cannot be displayed unless the vehicle is at rest

Made of aircraft grade aluminum

Keyed to any protocol of masters and grand masters